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In Japanese: [words in brackets] is the way the lyricist wants you to read the kanji and is not the traditional way nor is it usually even an acceptable way.

In English: [words in brackets] are the traditional way of reading the kanji or the original English of a word written in katakana in Japanese.

Translations: (if I bother to do it--I'm lazy and I think translations are dangerous) My goal is to be accurate but also to do so in a way that you can sing along. Not saying I get it right but I try to balance the following: 1. nit-picky via back translations (if I can translate it back into Japanese and it doesn't match the author's original words, then I will try to do a better translation in English) 2. syllabic matching (if the original line in Japanese was 10 syllables then I will try to translate it into 10 English syllables so you can sing along) and keep the English word in the same part of the sentence for sing-along purposes 3. not assume the author's intentions and make huge leaps in translations (the reader should be allowed to come to conclusions on their own) 4. keep the same tone: if the original lyrics were casual, dirty, slang, masculine, etc then I'll seek English words with a similar tone (here is where huge leaps may be made because the translator may color the translation with how they speak rather than how the author may speak if they learned English)

*Please note that males in Japanese often use a word for "I" which is masculine only and is often used in the lyrics presented here. This gendered nuance is not translatable in English.

21st Cherry Boy

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From: Kyokutou I Love You, originally released on March 6th, 2002
輝くんだ 世界中 目覚めてくれ
深い闇で生まれた お前は愛
君のその欲望は綺麗で汚い 愛しい

罪深きこの手に 降り注ぐ
愛の歌にまみれて 踊ろう

* 飾り立てたならおいで

俺に触れてくれ その唇で あなたの愛の息吹を
さあ 神となって

** 21st Cherry Boy Too young to die.
21st Cherry Boy I wanna be your toy.
21st Cherry Boy Too young to die.
21st Cherry Boy I wanna be your toy.

俺もお前も独りだ強く、この世界で 躍るだけだ

* repeat

** repeat 2x


kagayakunda / sekaijuu / mezamete kure
fukai yami de umareta / omae wa ai
kuruoshiku mujaki na zankoku sa
kimi no sono yokubou wa kirei de kitanai / itoshii

tsumibukaki kono te ni / furisosogu
ai no uta ni mamirete / odorou

* kazari tateta nara oide
akuma no yoru wa dakiatteiyou

ore ni furetekure / sono kuchibiru de / anata no ai no ibuki wo
saa / kami to natte

** 21st Cherry Boy / Too young to die.
21st Cherry Boy / I wanna be your toy.
21st Cherry Boy / Too young to die.
21st Cherry Boy / I wanna be your toy.

ore mo omae mo hitori da tsuyoku, kono sekai de / odoru dake da

* repeat

** repeat 2x

kimi ga kake nukeru