Lyrics are through 2012--need to add Arui Wa Anarchy, The Mortal, Schaft second album

Transcription notes:
{words in braces} are what is being sung in the song but is not in the album's lyric booklet; these lyrics may come from other sources and will be noted. If the source is not noted then it's simply how I hear it and may be subject to inaccuracies. If I'm not sure what is being said, then I will put a ? mark.

(words in parenthesis) are backing vocals, notes, or samples.

In Japanese: [words in brackets] is the way the lyricist wants you to read the kanji and is not the traditional way nor is it usually even an acceptable way.

In English: [words in brackets] are the traditional way of reading the kanji or the original English of a word written in katakana in Japanese.

Translations: (if I bother to do it--I'm lazy and I think translations are dangerous) My goal is to be accurate but also to do so in a way that you can sing along. Not saying I get it right but I try to balance the following: 1. nit-picky via back translations (if I can translate it back into Japanese and it doesn't match the author's original words, then I will try to do a better translation in English) 2. syllabic matching (if the original line in Japanese was 10 syllables then I will try to translate it into 10 English syllables so you can sing along) and keep the English word in the same part of the sentence for sing-along purposes 3. not assume the author's intentions and make huge leaps in translations (the reader should be allowed to come to conclusions on their own) 4. keep the same tone: if the original lyrics were casual, dirty, slang, masculine, etc then I'll seek English words with a similar tone (here is where huge leaps may be made because the translator may color the translation with how they speak rather than how the author may speak if they learned English)

*Please note that males in Japanese often use a word for "I" which is masculine only and is often used in the lyrics presented here. This gendered nuance is not translatable in English.


Lyrics by
From: Memento Mori, originally released on February 18th, 2009
覗いたら駄目さ 二度と戻れないよ いいんだね
天国への螺旋 武者震いひとつ 行くぜ

貴方の名前 口遊み 屍踏みしめ ただ歩く

* 俺の名前呼んでくれ 遠い 遠いあの日の様
僕の名前呼んで お願いもう一度
俺の名前呼んでくれ 遠い 遠いあの日の様に

** 髪飾りにハイビスカス 夕焼けやけにSuicide.
抱きしめたらひとつかい 許しのキスを下さい


貴方の手の鳴る 方へと歩いている もうすぐさ
ユラリ影は揺れ ドロリ俺は這う 行くぜ

屍踏みしめ ただ歩く

* repeat

*** 今夜はやけに綺麗だ 夕日と君と潮騒 
抱きしめたら踊るかい Yesのキスを下さい
もう二度とこんな夕日に 会えないだろう

** repeat

*** repeat

nozoitara dame sa / nidoto modorenai yo / iin da ne
tengoku he no rasen / mushaburui hitotsu / iku ze

anata no namae / kuchizusami / shikabane fumishime / tada aruku

* ore no namae yonde kure / tooi / tooi ano hi no you
boku no nama yonde / onegai mou ichido
ore no namae yonde kure / tooi / tooi ano hi no you ni

** kamikazari ni haibisukasu [hibiscus] / yuuyake yake ni Suicide.
senaka no hone kishimu hodo
dakishimetara hitotsu kai / yurushi no kisu [kiss] wo kudasai
mou nidoto konna yuuhi ni
aenai darou

anata no te no naru / hou de to aruiteiru / mou sugu sa
yurari kage wa yure / dorori ore wa hau / iku ze

shikabane fumishime / tada aruku

* repeat

*** konya wa yake ni kirei da / yuuhi to kimi to shiosai
mune wo yaki kogasu jounetsu
dakishimetara odoru kai / Yes no kisu [kiss] wo kudasai
mou nidoto konna yuuhi ni / aenai darou

** repeat

*** repeat